Online Display Advertising

The customer’s path to purchase begins with awareness – we have the websites, online partnerships and amazing creative talent to keep your company top of mind.

The customer journey has grown more complex. Before making a purchase decision, a customer may engage with your brand first through many different media channels. Awareness of a brand is the first stop along the customer’s path to purchase.

While consumers spend more time online than ever before, less than four percent of their online time – less than three minutes per hour – is spent actively searching for products or services. The other 96 percent is spent doing things like reading email, watching videos, engaging on social networks and browsing websites.

  • Online Display Advertising

    Online display advertising with Media Acadien allows your message to appear on the destination web pages your customers are browsing. Yahoo! and pages alone allow you to reach 77% of the market each month.

  • Contextual Display Advertising

    Getting the right message in front of the right audience at the right time is worth a premium in today’s complex media environment. Contextual display advertising is a form of advertising where your advertising content is placed on destination web pages that have direct correlation with the content the visitor is viewing.

  • Behaviorally Targeted Display Advertising

    We build digital “profiles” using data collected from the millions of visitors to our websites. Utilizing behaviorally targeted display advertising your message is positioned in front of those visitors who exhibit the greatest level of interest and intent for your products and services based on their online behavior, such as the pages they visited, the amount of time they viewed each page, and the links they clicked on.

  • Rich Media Display Advertising

    Combining dynamic display ads, such as expandable ad units, with powerful, click-able call-to-action buttons and rich media creative elements, such as video, has been shown to dramatically enhance the impact of online digital marketing campaigns.

    To truly understand the value of a display advertisement and measure the success of a digital campaign, Media Acadien recognizes you have to look beyond the click. Rich media display advertising provides reporting options that can track numerous audience interactions to measure digital campaign success way beyond click-throughs.