Retargeted Display Advertising

Motivate consumers who have already interacted with your company—our display advertising network partners, data, and tools can retarget your hot prospects.

Research has shown that consumers need to see an advertisement three or more times before they can recall the product or brand, and it may take seven or more times of being exposed to your message before a consumer is motivated enough to think about making a purchase.

Retargeted Online Display Advertising
Retargeting is a strategy that delivers digital ads through other websites to web visitors who have shown interest in your products and services based on their past interaction with your brand. For instance, they may have visited your website, opened your email newsletter, or clicked on your ad. Retargeting is compelling because you are showing ads to people who have already had at least one interaction with your company.

Retargeting Allows You to Stay Connected Throughout the Sales Cycle
Inevitably, your website will attract users who do not take the final action of becoming a customer for your company. Frequently, this is because the potential customer is still researching similar products or services and is not prepared to select a company for their purchase. Retargeting is especially useful in this situation because it allows your company to stay engaged with prospects as they continue to research which product best suits their needs.

Benefits of Retargeting:
• Increases conversions
• Maximizes front-end campaigns
• Recaptures lost leads
• Turns lost visitors into customers
• Increases ROI

Basic Retargeting: Your Digital Billboard
Basic retargeting ads are banner ads that appear on several different websites the user visits, and they speak to a specific product or service your business offers. Put simply, basic retargeting ads are cost-effective digital billboards that appear as potential customers zip across the web.

Dynamic Retargeting: An Even More Personalized Approach
While basic retargeting ads act as a reminder of your businesses products and services, to a targeted web user, dynamic retargeting provides a more customized ad. Dynamic ads speak to a user’s individual interests and recent online activities, directing them to similar products and services on your site. Dynamic retargeting also has the ability to identify the personal tastes and preferences of a potential customer, delivering messaging that are affinity-based, resulting in higher conversions.