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When creating a web site for a business, there are many factors that must be considered. While the technical process of building a site is certainly important, it's equally so to ensure that visitors receive a unique and rewarding experience throughout.

That's where Media Acadien comes in. We have the expertise essential to create good-looking and effective web sites able to engage both new and returning customers in Lafayette. This service will allow you to show  all your business has to offer in the best possible light, which can translate into increased sales and interest.

Home Pages vs. Landing Pages

Effective web site creation must involve a few different aspects to make the greatest impact possible. Clients should be aware of all available options when devising their sites, as this can prove enlightening to the overall process. One example of this is the need for both landing pages, as well as home pages.

Home page visitors tend to be well-aware of the products or services your business affords. In most cases, those arriving at your home page have been referred by another party, or have sought you out on their own based on specific information. Conversely, those arriving on landing pages may have very little information on your business, perhaps following a link or coming across a page after searching for a specific keyword.

We Can Help You Create Effective Landing Pages

While a good home page design is important, crafting quality landing pages is also crucial. A great landing page should contain the following characteristics:

The ultimate goal of a landing page is to convert visits into sales. As a result, landing pages are looked at as more of a marketing strategy than other types of web pages. These pages can typically stand on their own, and should include a good deal of advertising language to further persuade visitors.

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A well-designed web site can have a huge impact on the success of one's business. To this end, Media Acadien can help you develop a both landing pages and other essential site elements that visually appeal to visitors, as well as provide a fast and efficient experience. For more information on our web design service, please contact us today.           

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